Lilla portrait 02

“Capture the beauty of the nature, unique for its mix between the perfection and imperfection”.

Lilla Tabasso is an artist and artisan working with the authentic Murano Glass.

It all starts in 2000 in Milan, where she starts the self-taught career, characterized with an unstoppable passion for the nature and uncontainable creativity. These 2 elements together pushed her to study the art of working and managing the glass; this material that is synonymous of delicate, elegance and at the same time unique versatility.

The Murano Glass brings together an extraordinary equilibrium of color and transparency, making it always intensively charming to our eyes. It is possible to find Murano Glass in the nature with infinite color gradients, but Lilla, during these 16 years, research and create new shades of colors to show a perfect product and unique in its kind.

The inspiration of her designs comes from a detailed observation of nature and all its forms, then she combines it with her fantasy and imagination to create these objects, better say, pieces of art.

Her creations in jewelry reflect the soul of a passionate and charismatic woman.

As the accessories cannot pass unnoticed, this woman needs to be self-confident and proud to show this Italian art to the world.

The creation of Lilla Tabasso in Murano Glass remains one of the biggest artistic artisan expressions, being produced with outstanding hand-crafted competences, irreplaceable as the classic Made in Italy.